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Yesterday’s finance executive focused almost exclusively on control issues and capital raising.  Today, the CFO is expected to be a strategic business partner with operating units and the closest confidant to the CEO. With responsibility for managing top- and bottom-line growth, ensuring that technology is evaluated and deployed productively, and communicating financial performance and strategy to external stakeholders as well as shareholders, the CFO’s job has changed more than that of any other corporate executive.

Our mission at CFO magazine is to help our readers cope with this transformation. Our task, as we see it, is to provide our readers with 1) solid reporting on the news and trends that most directly affect them; 2) analyses of the accomplishments of finance executives facing complex problems; 3) original research into what their peers as a group think about critical economic issues; and 4) exposure to innovative thinkers who will challenge their assumptions. In reporting a story, we ask not just “What happened?” but “What can you learn from this?” We cover their core concerns thoroughly, but also urge them to “think differently.”

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