The CFO Playbook on Reporting: A Changing Picture of Performance

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Webcast Summary

For organizations that are preparing their annual reports, the opportunity to review a full year in hindsight presents finance teams with the perspective they need to plan for the year ahead. Yet just as expanding your chronological purview from one month to 12 months reveal trends that are not easily perceptible over a shorter timeframe, so too does broadening your observations beyond financial metrics to see how various aspects of an organization affect its performance. In an environment in which investors and politicians alike are pushing for more disclosure, finance leaders have had to reconsider the value of the information they are sharing in their year-end reports.

During this Webcast, we will examine how you can lead your team to work with colleagues outside finance to gather information not only about the role of financial capital, but also gain insight into the role of human capital, in contributing to an organization's performance. We will also explore:

  • How expectations among investors and other stakeholders are evolving with regard to financial disclosure;
  • How to gauge the value of including nontraditional metrics within financial reports;
  • The extent to which a finance team can work with other areas of an organization -- and vice versa -- to develop a picture of performance that is clearer than one that focuses exclusively on financial data; and
  • The CFO's role not only in maintaining compliance with external financial disclosure requirements but also in improving an organization's visibility into and understanding of its performance.

About the Panelists

Rodger HowellRodger Howell, Principal, PwC

Rodger is a Principal with PwC's Strategy and Operations practice, focused on strategy and operations, as well as enterprise profitability. Applying more than 24 years of experience with business model and operational model innovation, he has helped organizations with enterprise profitability, operations, quality systems design, and implementation. Rodger led the development of PwC's Economic Profit Growth Analyzer and co-led the firm’s Quality Management Systems industry study across multiple clients. He assists clients with asset planning, deployment and management processes, as well as with supply chain and service chain strategy.

Stephen ElliottStephen Elliott, Director, The Hackett Group

Mr. Elliott has designed and implemented enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions for companies in a wide range of industries, including consumer goods, retail, banking, business services, telecommunications, technology, hospitality, and healthcare. Among his areas of expertise are financial planning and analysis (FP&A) transformation; planning; reporting; EPM technology design and implementation; organization design, deployment, and change management; strategic cost management; and merger integration. Before joining The Hackett Group in 2012, Mr. Elliott worked as an EPM senior manager at Accenture and served in a variety of finance and manufacturing management roles with Hewlett-Packard, where he was responsible for decision support, planning, reporting, and leading organizations and teams to improved performance levels.

About the Moderator

Joe FleischerJoe Fleischer, Editorial Director, Custom Content and Research,
CFO Publishing

In his role as editorial director of CFO Publishing's custom content team, Joe Fleischer focuses on developing eBooks, research reports, and virtual events on topics that reflect the primary concerns and priorities of senior finance executives. He is based in New York.

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