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Finance teams typically prepare projections for the future based on indicators of financial performance that are months out of date. Recognizing the limitations of depending only on traditional metrics, many CFOs are including essential nonfinancial performance indicators in their financial planning and analysis (FP&A) processes as well. By incorporating nonfinancial metrics, such as customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction, CFOs enable their forecasts to reflect performance more clearly and accurately than current financials alone.

When CFOs take responsibility for measuring overall performance, they face new challenges, such as navigating conflicting priorities while they hone in on metrics that align with their companies' goals. During this Webcast, we'll reveal best practices for introducing new approaches to planning and analysis that include:

  • How finance teams can develop a collaborative yet objective process for identifying financial and nonfinancial performance indicators;
  • How finance leaders establish accountability for evaluating and communicating performance; and 
  • How a finance team's analysis of myriad metrics can inform forecasts that are more comprehensive and actionable than forecasts based solely on financials.  

About the Panelists

Miles EwingMiles Ewing, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Miles Ewing advises finance function leadership on improving functional capability performance. He focuses primarily on enhancing FP&A capabilities in forecasting, analysis, and reporting, as well as working with companies on finance function integration or divestiture, shared services, and larger functional capability transformations. He has more than 18 years of experience working in finance and accounting functions across multiple industries.

Brad FrinkBrad Frink, Director, Finance Transformation, The Hackett Group

Brad Frink is a director with the Finance Transformation practice of The Hackett Group, where he assists global clients with the transformation of their business processes, organizational designs, and governance models. Prior to joining The Hackett Group, he held leadership positions in consulting and corporate settings in FP&A. His experience spans multiple industries that include manufacturing, retail, technology, and financial services.

About the Moderator

Joe FleischerJoe Fleischer, Editorial Director, Custom Content and Research,
CFO Publishing

In his role as editorial director of CFO Publishing's custom content team, Joe Fleischer focuses on developing eBooks, research reports, and virtual events on topics that reflect the primary concerns and priorities of senior finance executives. He is based in New York.

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