The CFO’s Guide to Automating Procure- to-Pay

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Recently, the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process has garnered greater attention, as there is a heightened focus among C-suite executives—especially the CFO—on visibility and reporting across all functions. P2P is evolving from a routine task to one that drives strategic value for the organization.

While strides are being made, P2P process automation has a long way to go. On average, 58% of invoices are still manually keyed into the financial system, according to the report, Open Standards Benchmarking Survey on Accounts Payable and Expense Reim- bursement. This survey was conducted by the American Productivity and Quali- ty Center (APQC), a non-profit business benchmarking and research firm.

This e-book will cover P2P topics of interest for the CFO, including: challenges in the P2P process, the benefits of automating the P2P process, and the future of P2P.