Webcast Summary

Many finance teams aim to increase returns on cash to accelerate working capital, but they often need better visibility into available options. Recent advances in trade finance now allow companies to identify new opportunities to leverage working capital. 

By attending this Webcast, you will learn about best practices that enable your finance team to:
  • Understand options for creating income from cash,
  • Maximize returns from cash while minimizing purchase costs and risks, and
  • Apply the latest techniques in trade finance to unlock working capital.

About the Panelists

Jordan Novak

Jordan Novak, Managing Director, C2FO

Jordan leads strategic accounts for C2FO, providing a unique approach for each customer to address their needs with existing and inherent capabilities. Prior to joining C2FO, Jordan was based in Singapore as a key finance leader for Dell, Inc., where he served as a liaison to supply chain partners and relationship banks to drive strategic initiatives that aligned with business direction. He also served as head of trade and supply chain sales for the technology, telecommunications, and media industries at Wells Fargo. 

Kerri Thurston

Kerri Thurston, Chief Financial Officer, C2FO

In her role as chief financial officer, Kerri leads C2FO's accounting, finance, and human resource functions, as well as managing compliance and financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting, and investor relations. In fulfilling these responsibilities, Kerri focuses on strategic growth initiatives and cost-saving strategies as C2FO continues to expand worldwide. Kerri's 20 years of financial expertise span a broad spectrum of functional areas that encompass treasury, risk management, SEC reporting, and decision support. Before she joined C2FO, she served as the global controller for Garmin, an S&P 500 technology company with a strategic focus on global growth initiatives and cost efficiencies.

Sean Van Gundy

Sean Van Gundy, Managing Director, Working Capital Advisory, C2FO

Sean consults with C2FO's corporate customers regarding optimization strategies to manage their working capital. His areas of focus include holistic accounts payable, supply chain finance, payment terms standardization, and process improvements. Prior to joining C2FO, Sean held various leadership roles in Wells Fargo's supply chain finance offering. He also led the implementation of Walmart's supply chain program, and directed an accounts payable team in Walmart's Financial Shared Services organization. Before he joined Walmart, Sean worked at ABB in shared services, where he managed cash application and collections outsourcing projects, as well as accounts receivable processes.

About the Moderator

Joe FleischerJoe Fleischer, Editorial Director, Custom Content and Research,
CFO Publishing

In his role as editorial director of CFO Publishing's custom content team, Joe Fleischer focuses on developing eBooks, research reports, and virtual events on topics that reflect the primary concerns and priorities of senior finance executives. He is based in New York.

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